Tuesday 14 January 2014

My first design job for 2014

A very dear friend is celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary this year with a blessing, renewal of vows and party afterwards. She asked me to look at an invitation for the event.
The pictures show the design featuring one of my favourite artists - Gustav Klimt. His The Kiss is such a beautiful painting and so, erm, Golden, it's perfect!
Josephine will print the invitation double sided onto A4 to be folded into an A5 card. The patterned panels are made up of a couple of dress sections from The Kiss pasted together in Photoshop, I used the rubber tool to soften the edges of the join. The hearts are also made in Photoshop using the lasso tool to create the heart shape which a section of The Kiss was pasted into - they look a bit like butterflies to me.
Josephine asked for the very beautiful poem by Kahlil Gibran "On Marriage" to be included if there was room. It fits perfectly on the back with the full image of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss which finishes this Golden Wedding Invitation card off very nicely I think. The only other thing I did was tweak some of the photos in Photoshop to improve quality, a little bit of tonal balance fiddling and taking out dust and scratches.
As a thank you Josephine is giving me some of her home grown, organic and very delicious olive oil - yum!

Party Invitations available on Zazzle

The job above was done for a friend and is specially designed for her. But I do have a range of invitations for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and general parties featuring my own artworks. These can be customized to suit your own requirements and even have a selection of custom postage for America. The wedding invitations generally have a full range of wedding stationery available as well, from save the date postcards to table plans. Check out my Zazzle store.

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