Friday 28 November 2014

New species of moth released on the world

At last I've photographed these little cava moths so I can release them to the world.
You'd think that someone who liked pure wool wouldn't be that into moths, but I like the little fellas, no really!
These extra special ones - Lepidoptera Cavacus - are a new species found in Spain, especially during the summer months, as the label says. 
I made them from upcycled sardine cans, cava corks, cork toppers, fabric, wire and beads.
They're available to order here in my Laura Davies Art Etsy shop 

Sunday 16 November 2014

Long Hot Summer

Hi peeps, well, what a long hot summer we had in southern Spain? Thank goodness things have started cooling down a bit, my head was frying!

I think I may have fallen into a bit of summer madness and my 'art' took a back seat whilst my knitting took over. 

All you knitters out there will not be surprised at how it can become all-consuming. I mean there's the soft and squishy wool, the colours, the patterns and then, the most important part, the knitting. But in that heat I hear you cry? Strangely yes, when many of my knitty friends were laying down their needles and hot footing it to the beach, I hid myself in the cool of indoors and clickety-clacked away.

I'll be blogging about this a bit more over the next few weeks now my head has cooled. But for now suffice to say hi and welcome to my new persona as KnitaFrolic. I even opened a shop on Etsy under that name, take a look if you like unique hand made accessories.

And here's a taster of what this knitting nut was doing all summer...