Wednesday 15 January 2014

Free 2014 Calendars

I made these calendars earlier using a couple of paintings I did in the NPtR App on Dave's ipad mini. It's running the most up to date version which has taken me a bit of getting used to with it's new menu layout, but with the extra features it provides is well worth it. My only problem is prising the ipad mini out of Dave's hands!

So, for Tizzy Roses I imported one of the photos I took in october of a bunch of roses from our garden. Here in Spain we have a second spring where all the roses come back with a flourish after the hot summer. Anyway, once in NPtR using the skull brush I swipped across the screen quickly to get large and expressive strokes then I started working into the roses with slower strokes and a two finger swipe. This allowed me to pick up a lot of detail. Once I was happy with this background I imported a photo of Tizzy, our youngest cat, and used the slow, two finger swipe method to pick up her face, concentrating on the eyes and nose areas. Y voila!

I used the same method for the "Dark Angel" painting except I used a combination of the chinese character and the single dot brushes, plus there was a third photo of a wing.

Even if this App wasn't designed and written by Dave's brother I would still love it. It's a fast and fun way to create paintings using your own photography. I take a lot of photos as reference for my art but sometimes it's nice to play with the actual photos making them into paintings in their own right. Give it a go here.

The calendar part of the calendar came from where you can make your own customized calendars - brilliant!

My calendars come as jpgs and can be printed onto A4 paper or card then trimmed to size. They show the moon phases and national holidays for the uk (Tizzy Roses) or Spain/Andalucia (Dark Angel).

If you'd like one for FREE click here to email me (tell me which one you want in the message area), you will automatically be subscribed to my newsletter and I'll email you the jpg.

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