Tuesday 14 January 2014

Choose one word...

So, another year begins and I've been reviewing my art and deciding what I'm going to develop this year. After reading a refreshing article on New Years Resolutions and how yet more lists are just so complicating to life, it suggested choosing just one word to describe what your aims are for the year. At first I thought that one word couldn't do it, but now I've chosen my word I realise how elegantly simple it is. No lists, no pressure, I just remind myself of my word whenever I start to lose direction. So, what's my word? Soul.

But anyone who knows me, knows that I couldn't just choose one word. Not that I like to complicate my life or anyfink (ha, ha). It's just that another word would be good for back-up, call it a way to expand on my first word. So, my back-up word? Loosen.
I'm going to apply these words to all areas of my art and life and see what happens!

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