Wednesday 5 February 2014

Mixed Media Studies

These are a couple of mixed media studies I did last week. Both are done from life using Derwent graphite watercolour pencils, a dark wash pencil, watercolour and acrylic.
The paper I used for the antique teaspoon is handmade with bits'n'pieces in it. It's quite lightweight so I was surprised at how well it held up to water.
A close up view of the antique teaspoon

The seed head was done on heavy weight watercolour paper.
I also did a study of two antique dessertspoons in NPtR on my ipad mini. Did I mention that Dave's brother, John - writer of the App NPtR - gave me his ipad mini when he was visiting a couple of weeks ago? Yes! An ipad mini! Now I won't have to sneak Dave's away from him when he's not looking.

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